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2010 Yamaha WR250X

Story by Mr. Lee and photos by Yamaha

The 2010 WR250X small, light and a great all-rounder. With light weight, excellent handling and build quality, this versatile supermoto has more than meets the eye with its White/Red color scheme. Very appropriate on or off-road, a superb bike in the hands of a new rider or seasoned veteran.

A 250cc liquid-cooled DOHC four-stroke; four-valves, single-cylinder engine is fuel-injected, with an intake air pressure sensor and throttle position sensor for great throttle response as well as great fuel economy.

The 250cc engine with respectable low-end and unfailing top-end, one does tend to find the power in the midrange to be lacking. However, this lack of midrange is really only noticeable when accelerating hard. Improvement can be made to the midrange flat spot with a decent aftermarket exhaust system. That said there is a lot of power out of corners and the clutch deals with it smoothly, ile pulling the lever. The six-speed gearbox keeps the engine revving in its sweet spot, which is around 8,000 rpm.

The WR250X looking like any other supermoto with street rubber situates it not too far from the rest of the crowd. Sporting the 17-inch standard spoked wheels with road tires is the standard solution for most supermoto bikes; however the 35.2 inch high seat still requires a taller rider to be seated right. The chassis, show pieced by the motocross inspired aluminum semidouble- cradle framework, coupled o the aluminum swingarm, fully adjustable 46mm forks and rear shock, inspires confidence and stability. Handlebars on the supermoto bolt onto the top of the forks; at the other end is the spoked 17-inch upermoto wheel featuring the 298mm waved disc brake rotor. The rear of the WR250X sports an identical wheel featuring a slightly smaller 230mm brake disc and a sprocket. The gas tank, made of steel, is intended to put forward the proper knee position for gripping the tank, while the tall tapered seats is not as uncomfortable or unkind, such as the case with most motocross counterparts. The covering of the seat is fabricated from a non-slip type of material ensuring good grip on the bike.

The WR250X is great for commuting handles very lightly with its 136kg; also making it great for putting around town. For highway use this motorcycle is capable, however buzzy. With fully adjustable front and rear suspensions there are 10.6 inches of travel up front and 10.4 inches of travel at the rear. On the standard settings bumps are soaked up the greatest of ease as well as any road irregularities. off-road, WR250R dirt model would do fair better here as the WR250X reminds you of its purpose. Aiding in the handling, the brakes are flawless. Stopping power is very apparent at any riding speed via the front (298mm) and rear (230mm) rotors.

Yamaha’s WR250X is the perfect introduction to the world of supermoto with a very modest price tag versus quality. Aimed at the newer rider, this little supermoto will thrill both crowds; new riders and experienced alike. For 2010 Yamaha priced this bike with a base MSRP of $6,490 due to it being the only one in its class featuring fuel injection.

List of Features

• A direct descendent of Yamaha’s YZ motocross /dirt and WR off-road machines
• 250cc liquid-cooled, DOHC engine with two titanium intake valves and two steel exhausts, forged piston and plated cylinder for outstanding durability.
• Pentroof combustion chamber with downdraft-type straight intake helps make excellent power across the rev band, with maximum power at 10,000 rpm.
• First use of fuel injection on a 250 Yamaha on/off-road bike. Relies on input from a crank sensor, intake air pressure sensor and throttle position sensor feeding a compact ECU to provide optimum combustion.
• An ECU-controlled EXUP® exhaust valve, along with an electronic intake control valve, broadens the powerband.
• High lift cams have WPC surface treatment in which the surface is sprayed with fine powder at over 100 meters per second to increase surface hardness.
• Three-axis engine layout keeps the engine compact. Wet sump tucks between frame rails to keep the engine height down.
• Rare earth-type ACM alternator keeps the weight down while providing all the current needed to run the FI and lighting systems.
• Direct ignition coil sits atop the spark plug—another first on a Yamaha on/ off-road model.
• Six-speed gearbox provides a wide spread of ratios, with shower-type lubrication for reliability. Special, lightaction clutch makes shifting a snap.
• Tucked-in, three-chamber muffler helps keep mass centralized and the bike quiet.
• Electric start only: Leaving off the kickstarter keeps it light and simple.
• 17-inch wheels mount radial street rubber in 110 front and 140mm rear widths and help lower the seat approximately 1.4 inch compared to the WR250R.
• One-tooth smaller rear sprocket (13/42) works with the smallerdiameter tires to bring out the WR250X’s strong accelerating character.
• Stiffer springs front and rear and street-oriented damping settings reduce pitch compared to the WR250R for excellent pavement performance.
• YZ/WR250-inspired semi-doublecradle frame uses a main frame of cast and forged aluminum sections, with high-strength steel down tube for excellent strength and rigidity characteristics.
• Asymmetrical swingarm provides excellent strength/rigidity balance and a dynamic look. Cast aluminum cross members, extruded arms and a 22mm rear axle are carefully tuned for optimum handling.
• Fully adjustable 46mm fork provides 10.6 inches of wheel travel. A forged lower triple clamp and a cast upper one help give outstanding front-end feel. An aluminum steering stem reduces weight.
• Linkage-mounted rear shock provides 10.4 inches of travel with adjusters for compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload—and features a 14mm rod and 46mm cylinder for excellent damping and fade resistance.
• Wave brake rotors front and rear, including a large, 298mm front disc, reduce unsprung weight and provide excellent performance. Rear pedal is forged aluminum.
• Adjustable front brake lever.
• Yamaha WR endure type instrumentation panel provides excellent visibility in spite of the compact size. Basic mode provides speed, clock, tripmeter and selfdiagnostic function. Measurement mode includes stopwatch, distancecompensating tripmeter, etc.
• Bodywork with separate radiator heat outlet helps keep engine and rider cool.
• Lightweight headlight and LED taillight maximize visibility and draw less current.
• Separate clutch cover means easier serviceability.
• One-screw air filter serviceability.



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