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I am Woman, Hear me ROAR!

Story by Kelly Gibson

I often hear, or rather feel, this sentiment from a lot of female riders. It’s true, as the underdog in a male dominated sport, us women struggle to be heard. We face different challenges that range from finding gear that fits to being taken seriously. But if you ask me, women who ride sometimes fall pretty to the pigeonholes we place ourselves in, and then shout to be heard out there.

Like many things in life, becoming a...


What Women Want

What Women Want

Story by Kelly Gibson . Photos provided by ICON

If there’s one thing that binds us all together as female riders, it’s our lack of gear choices, perceived or real. Ask any female rider around and she’ll tell you she can’t find gear to fit her. Worse than that, she’ll tell you, that when you she does find gear that fits, it’s annoyingly pink, or baby blue, or has tassles. But like any rising group within a community, as we grow,...